Sedation for Dental Procedures

At Smile Design we know effective pain management is an important part of providing our leading dental services. That’s why we have an experienced team of dentists who are fully certified and trained in the latest techniques for dental sedation and pain management.

Options include:

  • Standard local anaesthetic injections, for standard dental procedures, e.g. fillings and light dental work.
  • Intravenous conscious sedation for longer and more complex procedures, such as placement of implants and wisdom tooth surgery.
  • Plus, for those patients who may be feeling anxious, or who want to be relaxed during their treatment and remember very little afterwards, Nitrous Oxide sedation is an option.

With our fully qualified team made up of Dr Oliver Ferry, Dr Andre Nowicki and their nurses Rachel and Charlie, we are up to date with the sedation protocols and standards which include monitoring the sedated patient training provided by the New Zealand Dental Association

We offer a range of local anaesthetic and pain management options including dental sedation

Our approach at Smile Design is to use the latest in dental technology. This includes the range of anaesthetic and sedation options we offer our patients, while undergoing their dental procedures.

Whether you are looking for a short-term local anaesthetic, in the form of a dental injection, or longer lasting pain management solutions, we can assist. Our dentists are fully trained in the latest techniques, including local anaesthetics.

Helping you with your pain management

As part of your dental care programme, you may need more extensive treatments.

For some patients, this may trigger their desire for pain management or dental sedation. For some, fear and anxiety may need to be managed, in order to easily proceed with their dental treatments. We understand this, and we can assist you with this.

Depending on the intended procedure, we can discuss pain management options and/or conscious dental sedation as part of your procedure. For some patients, a referral to have a general anaesthetic for their dental procedure may be the best option.

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sedative care

Fully Trained in Dental Sedation

Our experienced dentists, Dr Oliver Ferry, Dr André Nowicki and their respective nurses Rachel and Charlie are all members of the NZ Society of Sedation in Dentistry. For all sedations, we follow the appropriate practises and guidelines.

For further information please visit NZSSD